Xcelencia Landing Page

This landing page was tasked with providing the user the ability to listen, download, and link to social media accounts for Xcelencia. The goal was to launch prior to his single release, and give visitors a platform to download and share the artists track. 

What problem the project is solving

The artist has no means of distributing his work to his followers. The timeline is tight, and he needs the website up and running... like yesterday.

Processes involved

1. Collect resources and links

2. Choose best SoundCloud player

3. Begin designing elements

4. Begin development

5. Test and ship

End product

The landing page was meant to be classy with a touch of urban. A transparent header and footer with simple buttons provide the smooth, clean effect. A vibrant red color was chosen as the action color because of its prominence in the singles cover art. Social media icons are kept white for a clean white hover effect. 


Xcelencia now boasts over 1,500 downloads from the website alone and over 2,000 unique visitors! His following has also grown by over 25% since the launch of the site.