The Stick Flip

I volunteered with the YEA (Young Entrepreneurs Academy) to work on an identity package for young entrepreneurs looking to get their idea off of the ground. The kids were very enthusiastic about a portable table which would stick into the ground, flip up the top, and hold items such as drinks, lotions, electronics, etc. The timeline and resources were tight, so I got to work immediately. 

What problem the project is solving

The goal was to create a brand and drive the sales of a product that offered outdoor enthusiasts a portable, easy to use flip up table. 

How did I do it?

I got to work immediately, as the 1st round of deliverables were due within once week. I didn't pull a rabbit out of a hat, instead I made decisions and took action all the while driving forward into the project goals. 

Processes involved

1. Review company documents 

2. Discuss project goals

3. Begin sketching out logo ideas

4. Illustrate Logo and typeface

5. Company color palette and typeface(s)

6. Design business cards and letterhead

7. Rapid mockup of website design

End product

The Stick Flip turned out to be a fun, outdoor brand. Big bold design, colors and type gave the brand a joyous presence to compliment its outdoor, fun nature. Although there were little resources to work with like product photography, the design showcases the product well.