Riptide Software

After about 6 years of contract work I've finally landed a full time role with a great company, Riptide Software. In order to get onboard I had to pass a rigorous background check, granting me a “Secret Level” clearance. The reason is because the work is for the United States Government, specifically the various branches of the military. This is important to me as a Veteran because it allows me to further serve my country, through my passion, design.

The team consisted primarily of developers, with a few graphic designers sprinkled throughout. The company needed a dedicated Product Designer with a solid understanding of best practices within UI and UX Design.

From day one I recommended creating Libraries within Sketch and using Abstract for version control. All of this was well received by the leadership team as they saw the value of the processes being implemented within the first week I was there. Componentization, symbols, libraries, styles and rapid iteration were my primary focus as I dove head-first into the various projects.