Death Proof Body Armor

Death Proof Body Armor needed a rebranding, badly. They were previously under Trigger Finger Ops and decided to give me a shot at the project. Corny pun intended…

What problem the project is solving

Provide customers with a fresh, recognizable visual brand that would scale well across all platforms and mediums.  I knew I wanted the branding to be loud, bold, and come out with a strong presence. 

How did I do it?

I sketched quite a bit by drawing lines representing motion and the halt of that same movement. 

Processes involved

1. Market research

2. Draw icons within a word chart

3. Sketch out concepts

4. Illustrate icon

End product

After one minor revision the product was accepted. He liked the bold lines, square edges, and heavy look and feel. 


December of 2015


Death Proof Body Armor Co.