When I first arrived to my interview at Central Florida Expressway Authority I put together a prototype of a mobile app with a better reload process. Here is a link to that prototype. Admittedly it was a simple design only meant to illustrate the ideal reload flow. I wound up getting the contract and began working in December of 2016.

I soon discovered that there multiple websites in place, the Managing Company website cfxway.com, the account management site, the Bootstrap “Account creation and E-commerce” site, and the database-driven Account Management site. The goal was to merge E-commerce and Account Management into one, unified design.

I first created user personas while learning the ins and outs of the two sites, both front and back end. On the back-end there’re are several Oracle databases powering the various front-end interface which I will not be getting into here.

From there I created a user journey flow from discovery to product reception and installation. The transition from digital to physical product with cross-platform functionality is a truly beautiful thing.

I then flowed out the current account creation and transponder purchase flow on mobile. There were many interesting modal choices and UI decisions which created some friction and possible SEO challenges. There were a total of 10 screens/steps before finalizing purchase; I simplified it down to 7 while maintaining a design that was intuitive and scalable. Here is a link to their overview of the changes from the old to the new.

Prior to the end of my one year contact I designed, and prototyped the iOS mobile app. The solution I arrived at is a 5 button footer navigation based off of the the 5 pillars of the E-Pass product: Account, Settings, Reload, Vehicles and Reports. The design focuses on minimal touch interactions to reload and simple access to important account updates.

I finished my contract in January of 2018 and from what I’ve heard the mobile app is actively in development with much of my design being implemented.