About me

Product Designer and budding entrepreneur whose heart falls somewhere between pixels, video games, and the smell of burning rubber.

Whether it is through pixels or, mathematically arranged lines, I'm in love. Design has become my passion as well as profession. I've been drawing since I was old enough to manipulate a pencil and that skill has transcended to the mouse and keyboard today. I look for balance, cleanliness, and brand integrity in every project I take on.

I've spent the majority of my career helping brands build design systems by integrating Sketch, Invision, Zeplin and Abstract. Styles, Symbols, Libraries, and reusable components are mastered tools tucked nicely in my technical tool belt. Ensuring that UX best practices are always taken into consideration are a part of my daily routine right alongside UI design, prototyping, and effectively seeing the design through its development phase. 

My Skills:

  • Photoshop Level: Expert
  • Illustrator Level: Expert
  • InDesign Level: Experienced
  • HTML/CSS Level: Experienced
  • Sketch: Expert