My duties at Publix jump around between designing for web and mobile interfaces. 

What kind of projects am I handling?

A lot of what I'm doing involves enhancements to the current website such as reusing existing website functionality for various marketing initiatives, consolidating former off-brand development decisions and mobilizing desktop only pages. On the other side of the coin, I'm also working on projects that require additional development. Basically more creative freedom for me to solve problems.

How am I doing it?

I like to grab dimensions, colors, and basically any design patterns that are  pre-existing on Pcom and retro fit those elements into new design patterns. It sounds weird, but I see this as a way to maintain brand integrity and keep a uniform digital experience for the user.

Processes involved

1. Research

2. Documenting

3. Sketching

4. Wireframing

5. Comping 

End product

These products are rarely designed and done. A lot of the work I'm doing is iterative and will require tweaking for future releases. Our development sprints are frequent enough that if we can't fit a design in now, it isn't a terribly long time before we get it into another sprint. 

In summary

A lot of my work is still in development, but some is already live. One big example is Digital Coupons which was a huge project that was squeezed into a tight timeline. Other, smaller projects are still underway and should be released soon. I'll update this page as they are released!