Visual Cue

The Tile Builder project was a joint development project between Visual Cue and a partner development company. I was tasked with designing and directing the user flow and interface. This is currently in operation as a client facing product and is featured on their site here.

What problem the project is solving

The prior interface was lacking in clear product indicators and an intuitive creative work space. My task was to make clear the abilities and functions contained within the product offering by utilizing basic design principles. 

How did I do it?

Color theory, hierarchy, and iconography were the main focus as I redesigned the interface. I designed this based off of the current usability within the Adobe Creative Suites various work spaces. Centered is the canvas, larger and more prominent than the outgoing iteration. This gives the user the indication that the surrounding modules contain the tools required to build and customize their data source(s). 

Processes involved

1. Review the current product

2. Analyze the target audience

3. Sketch out concepts

4. Wireframe the sketches out

5. Apply color palette 

6. Coordinate development with the devs

7. Collect feedback from sample users

8. Test usability and troubleshoot 

End product

The feedback was well received from existing clients who were already familiar with the previous product version. Praise came from all aspects but the most prominent feedback was in regards to the ease of use. 

Clients raved about how easy it was to find, edit and manage their icons within the creative space. The overall process felt natural to them, and inviting. They never felt afraid to make a mistake and knew that if they needed to find something, they'd know where to go. 

Another high point was how easy it was to enter and figure out data points. The entry fields were clear with easy to figure out elements that didn't confuse or alienate them from, say, a creative professional familiar with the creative suite. 

In summary

Adobe did a fantastic job with the Creative Suite and my intention was not to replicate, but rather to emulate. Free floating, arrangable tool palettes felt fun, easy to use and intuitive, even for the layman. Operational level managers lives were made easier by allowing them to customize and create their own data visualization due to the redesign. I'd say, mission accomplished.