Nova Cosmetics

This was a website redesign with the focus on fast prototyping for client presentation. This site was designed within a very tight time frame and was intended to push me to quickly design look-and-feels for rapid presentation. 

What problem the project is solving

Can you redesign a responsive website that we could present to a client within the afternoon? Challenge accepted.

How did I do it?

There was little time for research, sketches, and wireframes. I had to move... and fast

I analyzed the existing site, pulled resources, and got to work. Almost as important as the redesign itself, was the presentation of the design. The goal was to be able to show a potential client what we could do within tight time constraints. 

Processes involved

1. Examine current site and pull resources

2. Drink a lot of coffee

3. Redesign existing site

4. Mock up responsive versions

5. Present design attractively

End product

The final version of the product was well received for it's clean aesthetics, color theory, and bold design. Although there was not much content, the site felt cozy and not too serious. Colors are vibrant and fonts are large for easy readability. 


This is a demonstration of what can be done under extreme time constraints and limited resources. 

Is this the best, ground breaking redesign in a portfolio? No. 

Is it good looking? Yes. 

How so? I don't know, but we've all seen poorly designed websites with more time and resources poured into them.


July of 2014


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